Consultant for Farmer organisations Training

Organization: Vi Agroforestry
Project: Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project
Focus: Organization Development for Farmer Organizations
Duration: The training for the team will be done for a period of 3 days.

Background and context

The Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project (KACP) is a pilot Agricultural Land Management project being implemented in Kenya since 2009. Its development was supported by the World Bank Biocarbon Fund (BCF), and it is funded by the Foundation Vi Planterar träd (“We plant trees”) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). The project promotes Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) practices on smallholder farms for livelihood improvement and GHG emission reduction through soil and tree carbon sequestration. It uses a holistic agricultural extension and farm enterprise development approach. The approach promotes farmer groups to establish Village Savings and Loaning Associations (VSLA) to finance selected sustainable farm enterprises and SALM practices.

The project is implemented in Vi Agroforestry programme regions of Kisumu and Kitale, in six (6) divisions of Bungoma, Siaya and Kisumu counties in Western Kenya. The project’s target over its twenty-year crediting period is to implement SALM on 45,000 ha owned by 60,000 smallholders organized in 3,000 registered self-help groups. The project so far has reached 1,730 farmer groups consisting of 29,497 farmers implementing SALM on 21,452 ha of agricultural lands. From 2016, and with a view of creating community structures for the sustainability of project activities, the 1,730 farmer groups were facilitated to form farmer organizations. Currently, the project focuses on building the capacity of these farmer organizations to offer affordable demand driven service to their members. Despite the crucial role these organizations play, they still have inadequate systems and structures. Therefore, initiatives are needed to strengthen them and increase their independence and sustainability.

Description of the task 

The consultant will be expected to carry out a three-day training to farmer organizations’ representatives aimed at strengthening their capabilities in financial management, procurement, human resource management, governance, marketing, resource mobilization, business management, advocacy, gender and M &E.

Objective and purpose

To build the capacity of farmer organizations in leadership and governance to enhance services to smallholder farmer families who are their members.

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