Vi Agroforestry speaks to delegates at the ongoing UN meeting, Stockholm +50

Today, Vi-Agroforestry's environmental and climate adviser Dr.Monica Nderitu had the chance to speak to delegates from around the world at the UN Environment and Climate Meeting Stockholm +50. Here is what she said:
”The theme of Stockholm+50 is a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – a statement Vi Agroforestry stand behind. Our planet and its people are facing many challenges. Poverty, pandemics, war and not least the climate crisis. Those who have contributed the most to the climate crisis must take the greatest responsibility for solving it – although we will all have to work together.

We would like to present the unsung hero of the future – the smallholder farmer. Over 80% of the world’s 600million farms use an area of less than 2 ha but still contribute to about 30% of the world’s food production. Assisting these farmers to farm sustainably, and apply agroecological principles such as agroforestry, is the future.

By upscaling agroforestry, you create green job opportunities in agriculture (which is a big field of employment currently in decline but with the possibility to turn the trend around and recruit especially the youth). Remember, there will always be a need for growing food – and growing it sustainably is necessary! Stable income all year around is necessary to enhance social protection – which a diversified farming like agroforestry
can offer.

We also need to make sure our unsung hero – the small holder farmer – receives support to deal with the effects of the climate crisis. International development assistance levels must remain at their current levels – if not increasing. And climate finance must remain a priority and be additional. Climate finance should be directed to sustainable agriculture with the aim to fund a green and fair transformation of global food systems.

In short, we need to change mindsets. We need to value climate justice, equity, and resilience more.”

Monica Nderitu works as an environmental and climate advisor at Vi Agroforestry’s regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. She is in Stockholm this week on the occasion of the UN meeting to point out that more money is needed for climate financing – especially aimed at small-scale farmers and sustainable agriculture such as agroecology and agroforestry. The UN meeting Stockholm +50 takes place 2-3 June 2022. For more updates on Vi Agroforestry’s commitment, please follow us on Twitter.