GREAN - Growing resilient agricultural enterprises

The GREAN-project
Increased capacity

Increasing the capacity of smallholder farmers living in poverty to adopt to, and mitigate, climate change by adopting agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture Land Management practices.

Climate friendly business

Coffee farmers, primarily women and youth,, will be trained on how to produce briquettes from coffee husks and how to manufacture and sell improved cookstoves. The producer organisations will be trained on the Fairtrade Climate Standard and the generation, monitoring and selling of Fairtrade Carbon Credits. The improved cookstoves will generate carbon credits and the income will be reinvested into the organisations’ business development. By introducing producer-owned Fairtrade coffee in Uganda, the coffee producing organisations will be able to take advantage of the rising coffee culture and increase their market share.

Access to financial services

Enabling farmers to access and open affordable savings and credit accounts. Increased access to loans for women and youth will boost their business activities.

Increase woman and youth participation

Including women and youth in joint planning and decision making to increase yields and profit.