Ukerewe school farming project

The Rotary Project is a school farming project implemented in Ukerewe Island, by Foundation for Farmers Services (FFS). The project is coordinated by Vi Agroforestry Tanzania and funded by Rotary Club International (UK and Sweden). It aims to impart the knowledge on environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture practices to primary school children.

Through this project, the participating schools rise different seasonal crops like maize, sorghum, sweet potatoes and vegetables. They also establish tree nurseries whereby tree seedlings raised are planted at their school compounds, and others are distributed to pupils to plant at their homes. When they harvest, the food is prepared at school and provided to all pupils (school feeding programs), which improve children’s school attendance as a side effect. Also, through the sale of vegetables, the schools earn money that is used to buy sugar and other materials required at schools like toilet soap, rubber etc.