Consultant to engage stakeholders on the National Agroforestry Strategy

Vi Agroforestry is recruiting a consultant to engage stakeholders on the national agroforestry strategy

Vi Agroforestry commissioned a policy analysis study on agroforestry, which highlighted gaps and justified the need for a national agroforestry policy for Kenya. While this was going on, the Ministry of Agriculture, together with ICRAF, were also discussing a similar process, which concluded that a National Agroforestry Strategy was the best for Kenya. A core committee was then set up, bringing together stakeholders from public and private sectors, and the civil society to craft the Strategy. One of the steps that was to aid the process of developing this Strategy was to engage stakeholders at the level of Regional Economic Blocs of Kenya. This, however, has coincided with the ongoing corona virus pandemic. Vi Agroforestry, as part of this process through Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, seeks to engage a consultant to generate inputs to the Strategy from the stakeholders within the Lake Region Economic Bloc of Kenya.   The consultant is expected to engage relevant stakeholders from the county governments, parastatals, civil society organisations, research institutions, institutions of higher learning, farmer organisations, and farmer representatives operating within the Lake Region Economic Bloc. The engagement will be done using techniques that will not predispose people to the risks posed by the ongoing corona virus pandemic.

Scope: The consultant will be expected to develop approaches of generating feedback from stakeholders in the Lake Region Economic Bloc, obtain feedback for the Strategy development, document the inputs, facilitate a virtual workshop and submit a final report to Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and Vi Agroforestry.

Study Area:Lake Region Economic Bloc of Kenya

Application deadline: 30th November 2020 by 12:00Pm

Time frame: The assignment will be conducted in 12 days, between 3rd and 16th December 2020.

Download detailed ToR here: Consultant to engage stakeholders on the national agroforestry strategy