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Climate change with uncertain weather conditions constitute one of the main challenges for local communities in the East African region. Vi Agroforestry collaborates with local farmer organizations, government agencies, and civil society to empower communities through holistic agricultural development projects that implement Sustainable Agriculture Land Management (SALM) practices, such as agroforestry. Our initiatives aim to enhance climate resilience, food security, and income for smallholder farmer families in Sub-Saharan Africa. We adopt a human rights-based approach which benefits women, men, youth, and children alike.

Our SALM and agroforestry methods specifically strives to promote a diversification of species planted and animals reared on farmland. These methods have enhanced biodiversity, both through direct diversification of crops but also indirectly through promoting an environment where species of animals, insects, and plants can thrive.

Vi Agroforestry also have experience in combining agroforestry and climate finance through voluntary carbon markets with our first project initiated in 2009. We played a pioneering role in developing the methodology in collaboration with the World Bank.

Jamira Kvakuwars. Photo: Elin Larsson

We have three ongoing carbon projects, all implementing SALM and agroforestry, (Tree Sustain Life, Kenyan Agricultural Carbon Project, and Mt. Elgon) and are actively involved in all stages of carbon project development, from project design to monitoring, marketing, and benefit-sharing. Our holistic engagement across the carbon market value chain provides us with extensive experience and expertise in AFOLU carbon projects. In a nutshell, our overarching operation and carbon projects provide numerous ecosystem services, supporting both local livelihoods and critical ecological functions.

We are, with support from Sida, in the process of developing an Expert Desk where we provide support, knowledge and experience regarding holistic, inclusive, and sustainable agricultural carbon projects. Specifically, within the following thematic areas:

  • Carbon project development
  • Carbon project implementation
  • Standards and verification
  • Carbon markets
  • Biodiversity and livelihoods

Our experts

Monica Nderitu

Regional Environment and Climate Change Advisor

Ferdinand Okinyi

Project Manager Livelihoods, Mount Elgon Project

Peter Wachira

Programme Advisor M&E/GIS

Rashid Malya

CODE-P Coordinator, Programme Officer ECCR

Matilda Palm

ECCR Advisor

Linnea Pasquier

Expert desk coordinator

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During 2024 we will prioritize support to Sida with partners, but our intention is to open for a wider target group in 2025.

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