Whistle blowing system

Do you want to report suspicions of misconduct? Please send us a message through the whistle blowing system. You can be anonymous. We will follow up on what you report.

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Our principles and values

Vi Agroforestry is founded on the principles of the human rights-based approach; participation, non-discrimination, equal opportunity and democratic organisational structures. We are guided by our values transparency, respect and together.

Zero tolerance

Vi Agroforestry has a zero-tolerance against corruption and fraud. Vi Agroforestry also has a zero-tolerance against all forms of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. This applies to all employees, interns, volunteers, consultants and any other that at any time represent Vi Agroforestry in any capacity. Violations will lead to disciplinary actions, termination of employment or criminal prosecution.

Whistleblowing service

Our whistleblowing service provides a possibility to report suspicions of misconduct; anything that is not in line with our values, guidelines or policies. The aim is to encourage anyone to report concerns or suspicions anonymously without risk, and to ensure a safe investigation process. The whistleblowing service is part of our anti-corruption plan. It is an important tool to reduce risks, and improve and maintain our high ethical standards. We encourage anyone, including partners ans staff, to report concerns.

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Click here to enter the external, anonymous whistle blowing service