We train farmers in tree planting

Vi Agroforestry trains small-scale farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania in planting trees and managing their agricultural land sustainably. Through your support and our education, the farmers have the opportunity to end poverty, put food on the table and send their children to school. At the same time, they contribute to a better environment.

Our projects

Smallholder Coffee Development – CODE-P

empowers 24,000 smallholder coffee producers in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and creates jobs along the coffee value chain.
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Green Schools for Better Learning

organises 12,000 pupils in 25 schools in Uganda into environmental clubs where they grow school gardens and learn about environmental issues.
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Shrubs for Change

trains over 300 ‘trainers of trainers’ who in turn train 120,000 farmers in Kenya and Malawi to adopt sustainable farming practices and improve their dairy farms.
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Green Livelihoods for Youth – GLY 

helps create jobs for young women and men in sustainable beekeeping and solar energy businesses in Uganda. The youth also learn how to engage in decision-making.
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Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project – KACP

increases food security for 30,000 farmers while combating climate change.
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Livelihoods Mount Elgon

aims at improving the livelihoods of 30,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya. They learn how to farm sustainably, produce more milk and also bind carbon dioxide.
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Women Empowerment in Sustainable Land Management – WESLAM

empowers women in Uganda to fight deforestation and land degradation through agroforestry and sustainable agriculture.
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The Project for Resilience and Empowerment of refugees and their host communities in Partnership – PREP

in Uganda helps families access water and sanitation, build better stoves, grow food, and plant trees for fuel and fodder.
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Trees sustain life

is a carbon finance project in the Kagera region in Tanzania.
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The ALIVE programme

contributes to a sustainable environment that enables women and men living in poverty to improve their lives.
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Recent project: Growing resilient agricultural enterprises – GREAN

mitigated climate change and improved livelihoods for coffee famers in Uganda.
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Recent project: The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem project – SEMA

taught local communities to farm sustainably and co-exist peacefully with wildlife in the Serengeti-Mara region in Kenya and Tanzania.
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