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About Vi Agroforestry

Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish development organisation working with local communities in East Africa; Kenya , Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania to fight poverty and climate change through Agroforestry and sustainable agriculture land management. These countries have been severely affected by deforestation and climate change causing devastating effects on both humans and nature. We have so far contributed to the planting of over 148 million trees and supported over 2.4 million farmer families, to improve their livelihoods. Our vision is a sustainable environment that enables women and men living in poverty to improve their lives.

Vi Agroforestry is looking for a consultant to document the Agroforestry for Livelihood Empowerment (ALIVE) Program. This is a performance evaluation aiming to document results, outcomes and achievements of the ALIVE program on the background of Vi Agroforestry’s Strategy 2017-2021 as highlighted above. The outcome and lessons learned from the evaluation are expected to enrich the process of strategy development and future programs’ design and planning.

As such this consultancy will seek to show and tell the Alive story. Looking at where it all started, the process (Vi Agroforestry Level, Partner level and farmer level) and its culmination.  The documentation must provide a clear evidence of the achievements, outcomes and how it was guided by the program. We also aim to create a library/record of events, lessons learned while creating and storing knowledge.

The deadline for application is 30th September 2022 not later than Time 5pm EAT

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Vi Agroforestry is an equal opportunity employer and canvassing is prohibited. If you want to alert on suspected discrimination, corruption or other serious misconduct during this process, do not hesitate to use our Whistleblowing System.