About us

Photo: Wilfred Mikomangwa
Photo: Wilfred Mikomangwa
Vi Agroforestry fights poverty and climate change together through agroforestry

Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish development organisation fighting poverty and climate change – together. Since 1983, we have contributed to the planting of over 148 million trees in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania – countries that have been severely affected by deforestation and climate change.

We work in collaboration with farmer’s organisations, advising and training farmers in sustainable agricultural land management such as agroforestry. In agroforestry, trees are planted alongside crops and livestock on the farmland. This gives more fertile soils, better yields, and a richer variety of crops. Farmers shifting to agroforestry get more food and better incomes. The trees also help increase biodiversity, bind carbon, and stop soil from being washed away by floods.

Over the last ten years, Vi Agroforestry has helped more than 2.4 million improve their livelihoods. We offer outstanding expertise in agroforestry, climate change adaptation and mitigation, promoting well-proven practices based on scientific research. Our focus on both human and environmental sustainability makes us unique.

Vision and mission

Our vision

A sustainable environment that enables women and men living in poverty to improve their lives.

Our mission

Fighting poverty and climate change – together. Through agroforestry and strengthening of farmers’ organisations, to empower smallholder farmer families to reduce poverty, hunger, and deforestation, and contribute to increased biodiversity.

Our target group

Smallholder farmer families living in poverty, with a special focus on women, youth and children who are members or potential members of democratic framers’ organisations, in areas vulnerable to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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If you want to learn more or collaborate with us, please contact our offices.

If you have complaints or want to report deviations from our policies or guidelines, use our anonymous whistleblower service.