Board of Directors

Vi Agroforestry is a foundation, where the Board and Chairperson are appointed by the Swedish Co-operative Union for a period of one year. The Board shall include the magazine Vi’s Editor-in-Chief. The Board meets at least three times, preferably four times a year, at the notice of the Chairperson. Its task is to manage the Foundation’s affairs. Since Vi Agroforestry is a member of Giva Sweden, the Board works according to Giva Sweden’s quality code. The Board makes decisions through voting.

Board of Directors

Unn Edberg

Chairperson of the Board

CEO of Vi Media AB and Editor-in-Chief of Vi Magazine
Elected to the Board: 2018
Other significant posts: Board member of Stiftelsen Teskedsorden, Sveriges Tidskrifter (Swedish Magazine Publishers Association) and Norra Västerbotten Tidnings AB. Vice Chair of Utgivarna (Swedish Publishers’ Association).

Magnus Kindbom

Board Member

Forest Director and Head of LRF Forestry
Elected to the Board: 2018
Other significant posts: Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Charlotta Szczepanowski

Board Member

Head of Sustainability & Quality at Coop Sweden
Elected to the Board: 2019
Other significant posts: Previous experience of sustainability work at Electrolux and the Swedish Post Office, and Head of Sustainable Development at Riksbyggen. Chair of the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business and Board Member of KRAV.

Anna Wennerstrand

Board Member

Head of Communication and Brands at Kooperativa Förbundet, KF
Elected to the Board: 2020
Other significant posts: Previous roles include Editor-in-Chief, Press Manager and Op-ed Leader. On the Board of Vår Gård and Vi Media.

Katinka Palmgren

Board Member

Head of Corporate Communicaiton, Coop Sweden
Elected to the Board: 2021

Other significant posts: Previously Head of Communication in Sigtuna Municipality, Head of Communication at Business Sweden, and Communication Strategist at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida.

Jonas Tesfu


Co-Founder and CEO at Pangea Accelerator

Co-opted in 2021.