Board of directors

Vi Agroforestry is a foundation, where the board and chairman are appointed by the Co-operative Union for a period of one year. The board shall include the magazine Vi’s editor-in-chief. The Board appoints a Deputy Chairman and the CEO. The Board meets at least three times, preferably four times a year, at the notice of the Chairman. Its task is to manage the foundation’s affairs. Since Vi Agroforestry is a member of Giva Sweden, the board works according to their quality code. Decisions of the Board of Directors shall be taken after voting

Board of directors

Unn Edberg

Chairperson of the board
CEO of Vi Media AB and editor-in-chief of Vi.
Other significant assignments: Board member of the Teskedsorden Foundation, Sweden's Magazines and Norra Västerbotten Tidnings AB. Vice Chairman of the Publishers.

Magnus Kindbom

Board member
Forest Director and Head of LRF Forest Owners.
Previously Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Agriculture and State Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Affairs.

Bodil Jönsson Lindgren

Board member
Head of Communications, Coop Sweden.
Other significant assignments: No other assignments reported.
Former Marketing Director, Coop Marknad, Marketing Manager Coop Stores 

Charlotta Szczepanowski

Board member
Head of Sustainability and Quality, Coop
Formerly Sustainability Manager Riksbyggen

Anna Wennerstrand

Head of Communication and Brand at Kooperativa Förbundet, KF

Previously editor in chief, head of press and opinion.
Other significant assignments board member in Vår Gård and Vi Media