Livelihoods Mt Elgon project

The Livelihoods Mt Elgon project aims at improving the livelihoods of 15 000 smallholder farmers by empowering them through sustainable farming and milk-water-carbon value creation as well as establishing connections to markets through 15 cooperatives. It will also sequester more than 1 million ton of CO2 equivalent and create tangible environmental benefits (water, biodiversity).

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More about the projects

Key goals

*Improved livelihoods for 30,000 farmers.*Increased milk production from 5000l/day to 135000l/day. *Adoption on sustainable agricultural practices on 35,000 ha of land. *Increase farmers crop yields by 30%. *Sequester 1 million of ton of co2 (2026).

Sustainable methods

* Nutrient management * Soil and water conservation * Agronomic practices * Agroforestry * Tillage and residue management * Integrated Livestock management * Integrated Pest management

Margaret Muchanga, a dairy farmer

“Before there was just a big field of maize – now there is a big field of income. I have learnt about fodder for dairy and planted it on my farm. I feed the cows now with calliandra, napier grass and maize and the milk production has improved”

Innovative investment model

The Mount Elgon project is financed by the Livelihoods Fund. Brookside Dairy, a private company co-invests and pay according to milk production and Vi Agroforestry implements the project in the field.