Our partners in Rwanda

  • COOPRORIZ works with watershed management for improving farmers’ livelihood in the Kamonyi district.
  • COTUMU teaches agroforestry methods for sustainable maize production to farmers in the Gakenke district.
  • Koperative Abizerwa Byumba (KAB) helps fruit framers in the Gicumbi district be more resilient to climate change.
  • UCOCARU is a union for coffee producers in the Rulindo District. The union helps coffee farmers increase their productivity and sustainability – thereby improving their livelihoods.
  • UNICOOPAGI is a union working for economic empowerment of farmers in the Nyamagabe district through agroforestry.
  • ZAMUKA, a cooperative in the Gasabo district teaches their members everything from how to market their products to how to secure their lands from droughts, floods and landslides.
  • BENISHYAKA is focusing on youth empowerment for sustainable agriculture in the Kayonza district.
  • The INADES FORMATION RWANDA is focused on national and international advocacy. They map how well Rwanda has managed to implement international commitments under the Maputo and Malabo Declarations, gathering learnings and recommendations to empower smallholder farmers.
  • Action Aid Rwanda (AAR) is supporting our other partners in advocacy and how to engage in improving national policies on sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, food security and social accountability.