Sustainable agriculture changed Laurence life

In Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, soil erosion is a big problem. For Laurence Mukandama the problem of poor farming conditions did not only affect her harvest. It cost her the life of her first-born child.

– Every time it rained, all the fertile soil just left. The result was often a very bad harvest and almost no food for my family, she says.

When her first born child got sick the family couldn’t afford the hospital.
– I am still thinking about this every day even though it is more than 20 years ago. If we just had the money he would have been alive today, she says.

Today Laurence living situation has changed. Through her farmer organisation she got training from Vi Agroforestry in making terraces and other sustainable agriculture and land management techniques. The harvest is not only enough for the family, they can also sell some of the crops.

Nowadays she is spreading her knowledge by training others in how to fight climate change by well managed terraces.
– My life has changed! I am so happy that we have managed this. My family eat well, we have insurance and I have even start dreaming about a new house, she says.