Charlotta Szczepanowski new chairperson of the Vi Agroforestry board

Charlotta Szczepanowski, new chairperson of the Vi Agroforestry. Photo: Margareta Bloom Sandebäck

One of the most well-known decision-makers within the field of sustainability in Sweden, Charlotta Szczepanowski, has been appointed as the new working chairperson of the board of Vi Agroforestry foundation. The background is Vi Agroforestry's board decision to strengthen the organisation's voice in the cooperative movement and within the aid and environmental debate in Sweden and Africa.

Vi Agroforestry’s board has decided to draw up a plan to further strengthen Vi Agroforestry’s work in Africa and amplify its voice in the aid and environmental debate in Sweden. As part of the work, the board announces an intention to decouple Vi Agroforestry from We Effect organisationally.

With the new organisational and operational focus, Charlotta Szczepanowski, Head of Sustainability & Quality at Coop and already a member of Vi Agroforestry’s board, is appointed from today on as working chairperson of the board. She thus quits her current position at Coop. Unn Edberg, editor-in-chief of Tidningen Vi (Vi Magazine) and until now chairperson of Vi Agroforestry, continues as a member of the board.

– I feel very happy and grateful for this assignment. I have been on the board of Vi Agroforestry since 2019 and it feels good that we are taking further steps to strengthen the operations. Vi Agroforestry’s work is also extremely important to our members, and it therefore feels like a natural step to tie Vi Agroforestry even closer to the cooperative mövement, says Charlotta Szczepanowski, new working chairman of the board of Vi Agroforestry.

– This is an important stage in Vi Agroforestry’s development going forward, which requires a great deal of commitment and the need to put in a lot of time. As CEO and editor-in-chief of Tidningen Vi, I need to focus on Vi Media’s development. That’s why it feels fantastic to hand over the chairpersonship to Charlotta, says Unn Edberg.

In order to create transparency in the strategic and operational work of separating Vi-skogen organisationally from We Effect, Anna Tibblin, who has been general secretary of both organisations, is leaving Vi Agroforestry and will henceforth work entirely for We Effect.

– Charlotta Szczepanowski is one of the foremost decision-makers and sources of inspiration within the sustainability field in Sweden. It feels very good indeed that she is now taking on this role, and further proves how important and relevant Vi Agroforestry’s work for food and climate justice is, says Anna Tibblin.

The board of Vi Agroforestry has begun work to determine the direction and decide what the new organisation should look like. This work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.