Vi Agroforestry Partners United for a Greener Future on World Environment Day 2024


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan 


World Environment Day (WED), celebrated annually on June 5th, commemorates the historic 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This year’s theme, “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” resonates deeply as the world grapples with the pressing need to restore degraded lands and build resilience against climate change. Celebrated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the slogan, “Our Land. Our Future. We are #GenerationRestoration,” this day saw Vi Agroforestry Tanzania partners engage in a series of impactful activities aimed at environmental restoration and fostering sustainable practices. 


Planting the Seeds for a Greener Tomorrow 

Tree planting emerged as a cornerstone activity, bringing together various organizations in a unified effort to combat climate change. The Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity (TABIO) led an inspiring campaign, planting trees in schools across Mtwara and Lindi. By involving students and teachers, TABIO not only planted hundreds of trees but also instilled a lasting awareness about the critical importance of reforestation and sustainable land management. “Seeing the students’ enthusiasm for planting and caring for trees gives me hope for the future of our environment,” said Abdallah Mkind, TABIO’s CEO. 


Echoing this effort, the Civic Social Protection Foundation (CSP) extended their ongoing campaigns by planting over 500 trees in Babati’s primary and secondary schools, with plans to expand to public spaces, ensuring a greener future for the district. “Our goal is to create a green legacy for the next generation,” noted Nemence Iriya, CSP’s Executive Director. 

Similarly, Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Nyacha (MVIWANYA) spearheaded tree planting initiatives in public parks and community centers, distributing seedlings to local farmers. This effort promotes agroforestry as a vital tool for improving land productivity and mitigating climate change. “By planting trees, we are investing in our land and our future,” stated Joel Nguvava, MVIWANYA’s Executive Director. In Tunduru District, COUNSENUTH’s partnership with the Mastercard Foundation saw over 100 trees planted in schools, fostering an environment of growth and sustainability. “Every tree we plant today is a step towards a healthier planet,” expressed Edina Paul, a representative from COUNSENUTH. 



Mobilizing Communities for Environmental Stewardship 

CSP’s commitment extended beyond tree planting to include community clean-ups and environmental campaigns. By mobilizing local residents for clean-up drives and workshops on waste management and recycling, they significantly improved neighborhood cleanliness and public health. “Cleaning our environment is not just an act of service; it’s a statement that we care for our community,” said Paul Mpazi, CSP Project Officer. 


Smart Farmers Tanzania hosted educational events in Rukole village, Karagwe, showcasing innovative farming techniques and agroforestry practices. Demonstration plots highlighted the essential role of sustainable agriculture in combating desertification and enhancing drought resilience, providing farmers with practical tools to boost land productivity. “Empowering farmers with sustainable practices is key to building resilience against climate challenges,” remarked Clement Mtui, SFT’s Acting Executive Director. 

Inspiring Change Through Art and Culture 

Art and cultural activities played a crucial role in raising environmental awareness. Bunda Farmers Development Support Organization (BUFADESO) organized art competitions in schools, encouraging students to creatively express their views on land restoration and environmental protection. This initiative not only nurtured creativity but also instilled a deep sense of environmental responsibility among the youth. “Art is a powerful medium to convey the importance of environmental conservation,” said Baraka Kamese, BUFADESO’s Program Coordinator. 


COUNSENUTH amplified their efforts through a dynamic social media campaign, spreading crucial messages about environmental conservation. Sharing success stories, educational materials, and practical tips for sustainable living, they engaged a broad online audience and inspired widespread community involvement. “Social media allows us to reach and educate a larger audience about the importance of environmental stewardship,” explained Amasidze Bohela, COUNSENUTH’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. 


Celebrating Environmental Champions 

INADES Formation Tanzania (INADES) shone a spotlight on local environmental champions, hosting events to recognize and award individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to land restoration and conservation. This celebration of community-led initiatives inspired others to act and highlighted the powerful impact of collective efforts.

“Recognizing our local champions motivates others to join in the fight for our environment,” said Mbarwa Kivuyo, INADES Executive Director. Their participation in a week-long WED celebration, organized by the Minister of State (Environment and Union Matters) at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre in Dodoma, further underscored their dedication. 


A Call to Action 

The combined efforts of Vi Agroforestry partners underscore the transformative power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges. We urge readers to join this vital movement, supporting initiatives that contribute to land restoration and climate resilience. Whether through tree planting, community clean-ups, or advocating for sustainable practices, every action plays a crucial role in our mission to protect and restore our planet. 



The unwavering commitment of Vi Agroforestry partners to environmental stewardship is evident through these diverse and impactful activities. Their efforts not only restore and protect our environment but also inspire communities to adopt sustainable practices, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come. Together, we can make a lasting difference and be the change we wish to see in the world.