How are farmers adapting to climate change?

Up to 10% of areas for major crops and livestock could be rendered unsuitable by climate change by 2050, so what can farmers do to adapt to rising temperatures and extreme weather events? Stefania Gozzer meets a farmer in Spain to see how severe droughts ruined his cereal harvest, and she pays a visit to his neighbour, who has managed to grow tomatoes without watering his fields. Global warming poses huge challenges for agriculture around the world - and various ways of managing its effects are now being practised by farmers. Among them is planting trees next to crops. We hear how this technique changed the life of a Kenyan farmer.

🌱✨ Exciting news! 🌍 We want to share an inspiring interview by BBC News on the effects of climate change on farmers. They spoke with Prisca Mayende, who found solace in agroforestry after battling with chemical pesticides. By planting trees alongside her crops, Prisca now experiences wind protection, moisture retention, cover crops, composting, firewood, timber, and carbon dioxide sequestration. This shift has not only boosted her income but also ensured food security and transformed her life.

Guess what? Our very own Monica Nderitu is also featured in the interview! πŸ™Œ Don’t miss this remarkable testament to the positive impact of agroforestry in the face of climate change. Check out the full interview here:

Let’s continue to promote sustainable practices like agroforestry for a better future! πŸŒΏπŸ’š #ClimateChange #Agroforestry #Sustainability #Farmers #PositiveImpact #BBCNewsInterview #ViAgroforestry

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