Leaving no one behind

“Leaving no one behind” for Vi Agroforestry means ensuring that everyone is able to actively and meaningfully participate in social, economic and environmental development in the society whilst enjoying their rights regardless of their background, financial status, education level, physical or mental ability, religious and faith-based beliefs, gender, political affiliation, marital status, geographical location, age and other socio-economic circumstances.

However, experience from the field indicates that; young people (male and female), women, people living with disabilities, boys and girls, the elderly (men and women), child-headed households, people living with HIV/AIDS, boys and girls in refugee settlements as well as widows are amongst those who are often excluded from interventions unintentionally or otherwise and thereby remain invisible. Reaching out to these people is therefore essential if we are to achieve our mission of fighting poverty and climate change – together.

In light of this Vi Agroforestry organised a workshop for its staff to strengthen their capacity on the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) principles and approach to development and enhance a shared understanding on its application in our work. The trainings brought together 82 Vi Agroforestry staff drawn from the four countries of operation (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda).

The team also got trained on personal security to enhance staff knowledge and awareness on personal security thereby safeguarding staff and resources from injuries, disturbances, losses or damages while in the field.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for the Vi Agroforestry team to connect, learn and share experiences from across the region.