The people of Sweden contributes 6.4 million SEK to Vi Agroforestry in 2019

Jane Atieno Omulo Photo Elin Larsson

Last year, the people in Sweden contributed 6.4 million SEK to Vi Agroforestry, through Biståndsknappen (Donation button) - where one can donate money from your recycled bottles and cans in Coop shops around the country. The 6.4 million SEK equals to around 319 000 new trees in the region🌳 Thank you, people, of Sweden for your generous contribution in supporting our work.

In Sweden, as a way to benefit the climate, you can bring your old soft drink bottles and cans back to the store and get some small amount of money for them. Simply a way to get people to bring them to the recycle station and not throw them away. However, instead of keeping that money, you can choose to donate it to Vi Agroforestry in Coop (Swedish food store chain and collaboration company to Vi Agroforestry) stores. There is a specific Vi Agroforestry donation button on the recycling machine in those shops. During 2019, the total amount donated was 6.4 million SEK.

– The fact that a total of almost SEK 100 million was donated by Coop’s pawns to Vi Agroforestry is fantastic and means food on the table and provides an opportunity to eradicate poverty for many people. In addition, it makes a difference to the climate. Every penny does benefit, and every time you, press the aid button, you contribute to a better life for the person who has the extra difficulty. A big thank you for that, says Charlotta Szczepanowski, Head of Sustainability and Quality Coop Sweden.

The pledge money from 2019 corresponds to 319,000 new trees in Eastern Africa, where Vi Agroforestry operates. Since the start in 2004, almost SEK 100 million has been raised through the mortgage. It corresponds to close to five million trees.

– With the pledge you recycled and also contributes to combating both poverty and climate change, it is a double benefit. In the countries we work in, people are marginalised and in these challenging times, with the global corona crisis, our work is more important than ever. We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive, says Eva Åberg, Vi Agroforestry’s Director.

In 2019, the residents of Vaxholm municipality were most generous with their pledges, as shown by the Vi Agroforestry’s annual pledge ranking of Coop’s aid button. Since its inception in 2004, almost SEK 100 million has been raised through the initiative and close to five million trees planted in Eastern Africa.

Facts on the donation button and Vi Agroforestry:

  • The aid button was introduced in 2004 and is now available in 595 Coop stores across the country.
  • Since its inception, customers who press the Assistance button have donated SEK 98.7 million. This corresponds to close to five million trees in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda where Vi Agroforestry operates.
  • For twenty pawned crowns, a farmer in Africa can plant a new tree. The trees increase incomes and protect against drought, rainfall, soil erosion and other effects of climate change that are affecting millions of people in Africa today.
  • Vi Agroforestry works to fight poverty and improve the environment through tree planting and support for farmers through education in sustainable agricultural methods. The method used is called agroforestry# Assistance button

Thank you, people, of Sweden for your generous contribution!

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