Vi Agroforestry launches campaign to inspire people to overcome COVID-19 together

Let’s hear the people affected by the corona crisis! #coronavoices

Vi Agroforestry has today launched a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook to bring forth the voices of people around the world affected by the corona crisis. The campaign seeks to highlight how the crisis hits hard against those already marginalized, while at the same time build a historical online record of how the world experienced the corona crisis.

So far media in the developed world has focused coverage on the effects of the crisis on Europe and North America, and we fear there is a risk that the effect the crisis has on people in developing countries is being put aside.

The corona crisis is a global crisis, and it demands global solidarity, cooperation and solutions. An important step towards this is to ensure that everyone is made aware of how the crisis affects people around the world, and this is an experience that is best told by people themselves. Social media makes this possible.

Using the hashtag #coronavoices we are encouraging people to share their experiences of the crisis, how they respond to the crisis, and what ideas they have for ways to mitigate the crisis. This is a crisis that affects everyone, and we can all be inspired by each other!
How can you be part of it? By helping us help spread the word and sharing in our call to share experiences using the hashtag #coronavoices. Search the hashtag to read what people around the world are sharing, and tell us how you are experiencing the crisis.

Contact us for more information on:
Social media accounts; Twitter @Viagroforestry and Facebook @Viagroforestryeastafrica