Vi Agroforestry Tanzania to host its annual agroforestry symposium in Musoma, Tanzania from 24th-26th November 2022

The agroforestry symposium is an event free to all who have an interest in learning better practices for sustainable farming through agroforestry. This year our theme focuses on how biodiversity is linked to improved food security and can improve livelihoods of farmers. Learning is demonstrative with over 30 plots demonstrating different agroforestry techniques on even the smallest plot of land including kitchen gardens!

There is something for everyone with exhibition stands selling delicious products from farms using agroforestry, local craftmanship, agricultural services and products, learning materials, and much more.

Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th November 2022

Agroforestry Training Centre – Bweri, Musoma, Tanzania
Google Maps: Vi Agroforestry Centre

Biodiversity for improved food security and livelihood

Guest of Honour:
Eng. Juma Mdeke the Director of Land Use Planning at the Ministry of Agriculture

For Whom:
Smallholder farmers, agroforestry and agricultural stakeholders, students, non-governmental organisations, public and private sector, local and national government, parastatal organisations, international delegations, local and national press and donors and private foundations.

Aims and Objectives:
Aim: To popularize the contribution of Agroforestry practices in livelihood improvements and mitigation of the effect of climate change.

Opportunities from attending the symposium:
– Sharing of best practices of Agroforestry and sustainable agriculture land management from leading experts in the region with over 30 physical demonstration plots
– Opportunity for platforms to be established with stakeholders from all sectors including government.
– Platform to advocate and discuss leading issues and policy needs for agriculture in the region with an audience from ministries in our advocacy pavilion
– Knowledge exchange opportunities with many exhibition stands, events and demonstration plots from partners of Vi Agroforestry, NGOs, parastatal organisations, private sector and government.
– Increasing visibility of actions of stakeholders working towards the joint goal of improving the lives of smallholder farmers and combating climate change.
– Networking opportunities for partnership between stakeholders from all sectors.

If you are interested in renting a booth to exhibit your products or services there are a limited number available, please contact