Winners of the art children’s competition “Leave no one behind” feted

11-year old Briana from Uganda, the winner of the art children’s competition “Leave no one behind”. Photo: Vi Agroforestry

11-year-old Brianna from Uganda, scoops the top award with her beautiful video about agroforestry.

As part of October 2022 World Food Day celebrations, Vi Agroforestry ran a children’s campaign on our social media platforms. The aim of the campaign being to sensitise children on agroforestry practices and how they can grow “safer food, for better health” as well as raise awareness on the importance of planting trees. This was based on the year’s World Food Day theme Leave no one behind!

Prosper, the winner in Kenya, reads his winning essay for his environmental school club. Photo: Vi Agroforestry

The campaign encouraged children aged 8-14 to express their thoughts, in an artistic manner, where they envision what they thought a healthy/nutritious food, agroforestry or climate change was. The invitation went out to schools in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda – the countries where Vi Agroforestry operates in East Africa – and saw a lot of children participate.  

“We received a lot of entries – all wonderful essays, drawings, videos, songs and poems on the subjects. We would like to appreciate all the children who participated in this competition for sharing their creative talents and personal perspectives of agroforestry. I hope that their engagement and contribution to the competition will inspire them to learn more about the environment and the effects of climate change.  We must listen to the children and the young people to understand their dreams for the future. We must join hands to fight climate change. We must support agroforestry and sustainable farming methodologies for improved livelihood and food security for children and their parents”, said Gudrun Boström, Vi Agroforestry Regional Director.   

The competition has now come to an end and the Vi Agroforestry jury has finally declared the winners. Our winner for the 2022 children’s competition is Brianna from Uganda and our first runner up was a tie between Prosper, from Kenya and Juliet, from Uganda. 


Award ceremonies have been organised at the children’s schools, where the three children presented their winning entries to their fellow pupils, teachers and Vi Agroforestry representatives.   

Receiving her Award from Uganda Brianna couldn’t contain her joy and she said “I am grateful for this award. It has motivated me. I am proud to be a member of a school farming club. Together, we have planted fruits, vegetables and trees providing shade. A special thank you to Vi Agroforestry for promoting this good farming practice which secures our present and future lives.”  

Another happy laureate was Juliet, also from Uganda, who said “I would like to encourage my fellow pupils to plant more trees around our school compound and around their homes, I commit to do the same”, while receiving her award. 

Juliet from Uganda, one of the three winners. Photo: Vi Agroforestry.

“It was exciting to see children committed and enthusiastic about, planting trees, nutrition and taking action to conserve the environment”, said Elizabeth Mwiyeria, Kenya Country Manager during the award ceremony in Kenya. While distributing copies of our latest SALM children’s book Agroforestry through the eyes of children which was also launched during the campaign, she also pledged to support the school environmental club in establishing a nutritional garden. 

While excepting his award from Kenya, Prosper explained that “Initially, I planned to do a drawing, but later changed my mind to write about Healthy Foods”. His proud father adding that “As a family we are very grateful. We appreciate Vi Agroforestry for giving children the opportunity to participate in this challenge. It helps them to be motivated in tree planting for a better living”.