New strategy: Countering the effects of climate change and reducing poverty

Vi Agroforestry has developed a new strategy for the next five years. It entails that Vi Agroforestry will further strengthen its work to counteract the effects of climate change by continuing to support farmers and engage in advocacy.

The strategy in sum:

  • Vi Agroforestry’s goal is to reduce poverty and strengthen resilience to the effects of climate change that are increasingly affecting food security. This is done through long-term sustainable agricultural land management methods such as agroforestry, through biodiversity and with focus on nutritional value.
  • Vi Agroforestry is partly shifting geographical focus to areas where our efforts are most needed, especially areas that are exposed to extreme drought.

As part of the initiative, Vi Agroforestry will also restructure and strengthen the organization. Among other things, this means that Vi Agroforestry will no longer share functions like staff, departments, IT systems, etc. with We Effect. Instead, both organizations will develop their own respective operations to meet an increasingly challenging future.

Read the strategy in full here

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