Carbon offsetting

Vi Agroforestry is working with climate offsetting in four different projects; via the standard Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project, Tree sustain life, GREAN and Mount Elgon/Livlihoods funds. The support given to farmers who participate in carbon offsetting is similar to what is given to other farmers that Vi Agroforestry works with. The focus in all cases is: poverty reduction, environmental improvement through agroforestry, improved farming practices and support to farm enterprise development. Agroforestry enhances carbon sequestration and thereby it contributes to mitigation of climate change. Since the climate-adapted agricultural techniques advocated by the Vi Agroforestry increases the sequestration of carbon in the trees and in the soil, it will help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Our projects

KACP – Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project

The Kenya agriculture carbon project increase food security for 30,000 farmers while combating climate change

Trees sustain life

GREAN – Growing resilient agricultural enterprises

Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures improves sustainable livelihoods for coffee famers in Uganda.

Mount Elgon / Livlihoods funds

Sustainable farming and milk-water-carbon value creation improves lives for farmers in Kenya.