Economic security, value chains & financial service

The ability of smallholder farmers to increase their income by running profitable agricultural enterprises is often hampered by challenges.

Many farmers faces limited access to financial services, lack of storage or insufficient access to the market. In order to increase farmers income, it is essential for them to view their farming as a commercial enterprise.

Vi Agroforestry promote a value chain approach. With support from Vi Agroforestry the farmers can develop their commercial activities and, as a group, strategically plan their farming activities based on analyses of the market. The farmers receive training in basic business economics and jointly analyse their results. By coming together they can negotiate better prices and take advantage of shared gains from joint purchasing of seeds and other necessities.

To increase the farmers access to financial services Vi Agroforestry support farmers to establish Village Savings and Loans Associations. By the VSLA-group farmers can save and invest in their activities. With the opportunity to borrow money farmers are not as vulnerable to emergency expenses such as medicines and hospital visits.