Ruth and Mark, members of an environmental club in Uganda
Ruth and Mark, members of an environmental club in Uganda
Vi Agroforestry has long experience from working in Uganda. We have been improving the environment and the livelihoods for small-holder farmers in the country for more than 25 years.

Our country office in Uganda is based in Kampala and our work in focus strongly on both environmental issues as well as to eradicate poverty. We work with multiply partner organisations in various parts of the country. We support coffee farmers, farmers in cattle corridor, refugees in the northern prat of the country and farmers effected by deforestation. Recent years Vi Agroforestry has developed new projects and involved new partners and new areas in our work. Vi Agroforestry increases the capacity of the farmers’ organisations in sustainable agriculture and agroforestry to fight poverty as well as strengthen the members’ voices to increase democracy within their organisations.

Uganda, which lies across the equator, is divided into three main areas—swampy lowlands, a fertile plateau with wooded hills, and a desert region. The country is heavily affected by deforestation. In 1990 Uganda had more than five million hectares of forest, but only 3.5 million hectares remained by 2005. If deforestation continues Uganda is at a risk of having lost all its forested land by 2050. Agriculture is crucial for growth and reduction of poverty in Uganda. More than 80 percent of the population is engaged in agricultural activities as the main source of income. The biggest challenges for the small-holder farmers is the population pressure, deforestation, poor access to financial markets and climate change.

Vi Agroforestry has 3 ongoing projects and 1 overall programme in Uganda. Our work in the country focus on improving the lives of smallholder farmers through agroforestry and by strengthening the capacity of farmer organisations. Our work empower farmer families to reduce poverty, hunger, and deforestation, and contribute to increased biodiversity. Vi Agroforestry is running 1 carbon offsetting project in Uganda.

Our work in Uganda

The GREAN project

By Growing Resilient Agricultural Enterprises the project aims to improve sustainable livelihoods for coffee famers.
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The WESLAM project

Women in Uganda fight deforestation and land degradation by agroforestry and sustainable agriculture.
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The ALIVE programme

will contribute to a sustainable environment that enables women and men living in poverty to improve their lives.
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We work with multiple partners i Uganda.
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