kort om Uganda.
Our work in Uganda

The GREAN-project aims to improve sustainable livelihoods for 10 000 smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda through climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

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We work with multiple partners i Uganda.

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Winnie had a dream

Winnie Nakavuma is a farmer, living in the village of Kikalala in Masaka District, Central Uganda. Through Vi Agroforestry and Masaka District Farmers´ Association she has received training on tree planting and on how to create ditches to lead rainwater into her field. “I had a dream when we moved here, that the farm would be green and filled with people and animals. This dream has become a reality today”, she says. The trees do not only contribute to improved crop yield but also serve as fodder for the animals. After constructing a wood-saving stove, Winnie saves a lot of time which previously was used for cooking and collection of firewood. “I no longer need to rush through life”, she says, “today I save both time and money, and can spend more time with my children